Ensure your agency is compliant with the

Current CJI Security Policy

DPS auditors are working to ensure law enforcement agencies are compliant with the current CJI Security Policy. There are several steps that can be taken prior to the audit to ensure the agency receives a compliance letter on the first try.

1. Be organized

Get a binder and make sure all documents needed for the audit are in the binder. The documents should be listed in the same order as the audit questions.

2. Have current signatory pages from all your vendors.

Even if you have been using the same CAD/RMS vendor for years, their support staff may have changed. Contact them for the correct documents. They should have them ready to send to you.

3. Update your network diagram

Contact your IT support personnel or your support contractor to ensure any and all changes to the law enforcement network are documented in the drawing.

4. Read the current CJI policy

The policy is continually updated. Check your internal policy against the most current CJI policy to make sure the agency policy meets or exceeds anything in the CJI policy.

5. Update the authorized user list

This should be a written policy and it should be done on a regular basis. Make sure it is done prior to the audit.

6. Update, Update, Update

Have your IT staff go to each computer that accesses CJI data. They will need to make sure the operating system security patches and virus protection is the most recent version.

7. Mobile unit

If the agency has mobile units, ensure there is a personal firewall active on all units.

We have worked with most of the DPS auditors, they are professional and good to work with.

Remember the auditors are there to help you, not to criticize or condemn you. They are attempting to make sure your agency is ready to pass an audit by the FBI in the event your agency is selected for one.

TSM has successfully prepared many agencies for the CJI audit. We have also assisted many agencies who have called us after a failed audit to help remediate the non-compliant issues within their department.

Should your department need assistance; we can help. You can reach us at 877-64TLETS



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